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What is the OPC?

Orthodox — The term means straight doctrine or right teaching. It has nothing to do with orthodontia (dental work), nor are we related to the Eastern Orthodox Churches. We strive to be consistent with the truth of the Bible as expressed in the historic Christian faith. For us to be orthodox means we are confessional, holding to creeds (from Latin credo which means, I believe) such as the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, and the Westminster Confession and Catechisms of Faith.

 — We are also Presbyterian. The term Presbyterian refers to the form of government that is used by a church or a group of churches. It derives its meaning from the Greek word presbyteros, which is used throughout the New Testament in connection with the rule of the church, and is usually translated elder. A Presbyterian church governs its congregation by both teaching elders (the pastors) and ruling elders (mature Christian men in the congregation gifted accordingly). Together they make up the session and join with sessions of other regional churches in the home denomination in forming a presbytery. We are not congregational (ruled by the membership), nor hierarchical (ruled by a hierarchy of priests and bishops). We also have deacons, also called ministers of mercy, who are responsible for overseeing the ministries helping those who are needy.

 — This means we are a local expression of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church which in turn is a visible expression of the invisible body of Jesus Christ