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About Us

We are a confessional Presbyterian church, which means that we and our denomination, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, believe in the theology and piety expressed in the Reformed Confessions. You can read more about the Orthodox Presbyterian Church and about what we believe

Love for the gospel and the means of grace
 in corporate worship motivated this congregation from the beginning, and still motivates us. As pilgrims in this life, we recognize our great need for the means that God has provided to strengthen our faith in Christ, namely the preaching of the Gospel, Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, prayer, and fellowship. All of these we receive in abundance at Escondido OPC.

Recognizing our children as members of God’s covenant and recipients of His promises, we include them in corporate worship. After worship, they can attend catechism classes where they learn Biblical truth. During this time the adults also attend catechism. This time has been used for Bible study, studies of Reformed confessions, church history, or Christian living topics.

Also important to us as a congregation are fellowship opportunities where we can get to know and love one another more and more. We have a monthly luncheon following morning worship and catechism, and other fellowship and encouragement opportunities come up as we bear one another’s burdens during trials, hardships, and the stages of life.